sissy prison

The sissy prison project is an attempt to use the private for profit prison system to create a more humane prison.

Every inmate must be admitted under a valid contract with the federal government, a state government, or other goverment authority. This can include foreign governments.

Additionally, every inmate must voluntarily accept the rules and circumstances of the sissy prison, which includes potential life long concequences.

Inmates can be prisoners or free people (including refugees) who desire to participate in the program.

Inmates can be sissies or bulls. Both sissies and bulls can be male or female. The number of bulls accepted will be severely limited.

Once admitted, the inmate will be tranformed into a sissy or bull and will work as a performer and model (properly registered un federal and state laws) in internet sissy pornography.

After the costs and profits for operation of the sissy prison are paid, remaining money will be split between the government authority, the prisoner’s victim, and the prisoner, based on a formula set in the contract and applicable court orders between the sissy prison and the government authority.

The federal government, foreign governments, state governments, and local governments have an incentive to contract for their prisoners to be transferred to sissy prison because the government will receive money for each prisoner they transfer rather than having to pay for the costs of imprisonment.

In addition to following all sissy prison rules, every prisoner must follow the applicable rules and laws of the goverment authority, possibly modified by the contract between the sissy prison and the government authority and any applicable court orders.

Free individuals may apply to be free inmates at the sissy prison.

Some small number of inmates might be accepted to be bulls. Bulls will be expected to boss the inamtes around and regularly fuck sissies.

All inmates must undergo a medical examination and the exam must confirm they are physically and mentally able to meet all requirements for being an inmate at the sissy prison.

Inmates will receive surgery to be sissies, with breast forms and other possible changes in physical looks.

Every inmate with a sissy clit will be caged. Female sissies will be kept in female chastity. Release from chastity, if allowed, will be at the discretion of sissy prison staff.

Sissy inmates will be kept in sissy bondage and will engage in sissy pornography with staff and individuals from the public who pay to appear in the sissy pornography. Inmates with a sissy clit will only achieve sissygasms through being fucked in the ass, having their caged sissy clit stimulated by massage or vibrator, or similar activity. Free inmates can request freedom from chastity and allowed normal sexual release. Inmates may have short times out of chastity with a sex doll or simialr device.

Inmates will be on camera(s) throughout imprisonment. The sound and video will be recorded and will be made available to paying customers live and from recording.

The sissy prison will operate educational and rehabilitation services so that prisoners can eventually return to society as productive and law-abiding members of society. A comprehensive schedule (see schedule) exists for training and work.

The sissy prison will also operate a high quality cannabis farm (as well as regualr farms and orchards) that follows all applicable laws and has all required permits. Hired staff and some inmates will work on the cannabis farm. All inmates will do some periodic farm work.

Paying customers can purchase specific activities be done to specific prisoners (within the limitations of safety and sissy prison rules). Paying custoemrs can pay a fee to be a performer in the purchased activity.